Stamped on Our Faces

Stamped on Our Faces


The pen and watercolor painting on the front was created in response to the poem written by Ashley Duehring printed on the back.


All proceeds from this print will go to RTNI, a Columbus Ohio ministry.


Prints are 8" x 10" on heavyweight white paper


The Poem:


This is a quiet time,
To repent and lament;
To confess all the ways in which
I have not loved my neighbor.


This is a quiet time,
To stop sputtering words that ease my guilt;
To hear what has been said
Over and over again in so many ways.


This is a quiet time,
To listen to the stories that have been told;
To mourn with those who have lived and died and
Endured deaths each day.


This is a quiet time,
To unlearn and relearn;
To let Jesus reshape and scrape out the sinful places
Of my wayward heart and home.


But this is a loud time.


To say that silence hasn’t sufficed--
And ignorance isn’t bliss--
And wishful thinking isn’t enough.


To declare that Black Lives Matter--
And they haven’t mattered--
And that matters.


This is a time to cry out for justice:
“Your kingdom come,
Your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven.”


Where every tongue, tribe, and nation
Will worship the God whose image is stamped on our faces,
Joined as one body made up of many parts--
Diverse, and beautifully designed.


This is the time:
To turn to Jesus,
The only Redeemer and Savior
Of all wounded and wounding hearts.