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Waiting to be Watched, Original Acrylic Painting

Waiting to be Watched, Original Acrylic Painting


"Waiting to be watched"


an original acrylic painting on canvas  - 24" x 36" x 1.5" 


WAITING TO BE WATCHED - a poem written about this painting by my sister


She lives to romanticize.

a cup of coffee is never

just a cup of coffee -

a meeting, a greeting, a treat.

too often we stare past life's

quieter beauties, she tells me.

the way the wind dances 

through a meadow, stopping 

to spin each blade of grass.

it doesn't just happen,

its waiting to be watched


-Maggie Livingston


This painting was created as a part of my Summer Landscape Collection that focuses primarily on the idea of open space. For more of the inspiration and poetry about this collection click HERE


All paintings come unframed. 

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