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Purple Hour, Original Acrylic Painting

Purple Hour, Original Acrylic Painting


"Purple Hour"


This work was painted from a memory of a walk through the park just before dusk with the goal of highlighting the warm purples and oranges that show up exclusively during this time of day and are rarely captured with a lens. 


an original acrylic painting on canvas  - 11" x 14" x 1.5" 


PURPLE HOUR - a poem written about this painting by my sister


It's easy to dislike the shadows,

the way they cover the waking

ground in blackness. but there

are times we need these unlit

silhouettes. they remind us of

the night that lurks within the day.

they remind us of our need for

warmth. they remind us that we

are not made for darkness,

but for the light.


-Maggie Livingston


This painting was created as a part of my Summer Landscape Collection that focuses primarily on the idea of open space. For more of the inspiration and poetry about this collection click HERE


All paintings come unframed. To buy a frame see the last listing in the collection.

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