kitchen collection

kitchen collection


Painting Pages: The Kitchen Collection


Painting pages are not only a fun activity for over the holidays but the finished product provides affordable original art that matches your home.


The pages can be bought separately or with the whole supply box. Choose which option you would like.


What is included in the gift box:


- 5 Painting pages (two 8" x 10" and three 5" x 7") printed on heavyweight watercolor paper.


- Canvas brush bag stamped with a linocut stamp.


- 10 watercolor brushes


- 18 different colored watercolor paint pans


- Plastic palette case


- Ceramic water well


- Water brush


- Natural sponge


- Watercolor scrap test papers


- A link to my watercolor basics tutorial video


Framing info:


The painting pages are standard sizes so they can be framed in any frame with an 8" x 10"/5" x 7" mat opening.


The frame that I recommend is IKEA's HOVSTA frame


Make sure that you get 7 3/4 " x 9 3/4" for the smaller painting pages and 12 1/4" x 16 1/4" for the larger painting pages


Another affordable frame option is this frame from Amazon


Due to unpredictability with the USPS this year Items are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. (they most likely will, I just can't promise)