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Floating, Original Acrylic Painting

Floating, Original Acrylic Painting




an original acrylic painting on canvas  - 24" x 36" x 1.5" 


An Ode to the Clouds - a poem written about this painting by my sister


Bristles glide over my nose

as  a new landscape is painted

on my face. Your strokes

are gentle as the shades of pink

spread across my cheeks.

my steps are easy

as i float into your masterpiece -

the heavens are strewn

all over my skin - my complexion

stained by the sky.


-Maggie Livingston


This painting was created as a part of my Summer Landscape Collection that focuses primarily on the idea of open space. For more of the inspiration and poetry about this collection click HERE


All paintings come unframed. 

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